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Announcing the 2011-2012 Booklist
Richard Sargent 2012 Calendar

Richard Sargent's EAST BAY BILLBOARDS CALENDAR 2012. "When billboards are ripped and abstracted, Richard Sargent likes to take pictures of them. 'Photographing torn posters is a cliché in which I continue to indulge,' he writes. In fact, his photos of 'decaying urban billboards' -- all of them shot in northern California's East Bay cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, and Richmond-- transform that cliché into brilliant works of found art. . I think they are holy-shit gorgeous."—Jan Herman, Arts Journal. ISBN: 978-0-9820073-6-5.
8½ x ll Saddle-stitched. 28 pp. $14.00

grace cover GRACE. Susan Sherrell. Summer 1972. When Grace Neville's body is found floating in the bay, UC Berkeley student Leah DeMartino's life takes an unsettling turn. She comes into contact with fanatic James Ferguson, head of Security for Oakland's Black Panther Party, and meets unpredictable Ronnie Xavier Jones, recently back from Vietnam. This story weaves together post-sixties Bay Area themes—the quest for human dignity on the part of African-Americans, the anger and rage of returning Vietnam vets who feel disrespected in their own country, the ambiguous role of the US government, and, above all, exciting new freedoms in love, sex and relationships. July 2009.
ISBN 978-0-9820073-1-0. 305 pp. $18.00.
Daughters Mothers book DAUGHTERS and MOTHERS in Alice Munro's Later Stories by Deborah
Heller. Conflict between daughter and mother appears early in Alice Munro's fiction. Focusing on four of Munro's more recent stories, Toronto scholar and critic Deborah Heller shows how these later works in The Progress of Love, Runaways, and Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriage echo yet transform the earlier autobiographical material in surprising ways, including those. 40 pp. ISBN 978-0-9820073-3-4. $12.00. "A fascinating exploration of the uneven terrain of motherdaughter relations in Munro's more recent work. This raw territory, including the mutual hatreds and resentments that Munro portrays so painfully, is perhaps best dealt with in fiction … and is mapped carefully in Deborah Heller's thoughtful and provocative essay." —Pamela Hook, Los Gatos, CA. "An elegant little book, and elegantly written." —Henry Auster, University of Toronto.
Flora in her Kitchen book cover FLORA IN HER KITCHEN is a collection of almost 100 recipes as prepared by Flora Chiarello Menges of Albany, New York. Born in 1913 to an Italian immigrant family, Flora learned the southern Italian dishes of her mother, Lucia Longo Chiarello, and also German-American recipes such as sauerbraten and apfelkuchen beloved by her husband, Theodore Menges. This is basic home cooking--comfort food; no fusion cuisine here—as practiced by a woman whose cooking has been an inspiration for decades to her large extended family. ISBN/SKU: 978-0-982007341 112 pp. $10.00
grace cover Nine Loves. Oriana Lewton Leopold. Prose poems and paintings by the young Portland-based artist. "Oriana Lewton Leopold bestows as astonishing gift to readers in her debut book, Nine Loves. Edged with a clairvoyant vision of the artist's journal toward self-discovery, her paintings and poems electrify and terrify us simultaneously…" —Jim Thurber, Reedsport, OR
ISBN 978-0-9820073-0-3. 44 pp. $15.00. Limited availability; some copies still available. Write to the publisher
A Date in Santiago book cover

Una Cita en Santiago: Luis Garcia en Chile. Gail Chiarello. Forthcoming Summer 2012. 

Nicaragua Way book cover Nicaragua Way. Nina Serrano. Forthcoming Summer 2012. 
grace cover Down on the Sawdust. Kim Wells. In the mid-19th century Seattle there were four
choices open to women—wife, teacher, domestic servant, or lady of the night. This tale of Madame Dixie who opens up shop in 1867 illuminates the bawdy waterfront days when Yesler's mill belched out mountains of sawdust which became the hub of the growing town. The gritty tenderloin district south of Mill Street (the skid road—now Yesler Way) was known far and wide as the place to go for rest and relaxation. It boasted the finest gambling halls, saloons, opium dens and bordellos in the northwest—and Madame Dixie's place was at the epicenter. When a man ventured to this part of town to sate his desires, he was said to be
going "down on the sawdust."Forthcoming  Winter 2012.
grace cover The Pentameron: Tales of Fell Street and Beyond. A Collective Sixties Memoir. Jerry Butterfield, Gail Chiarello, Jaime Leopold, Michael Shepler, and Jim Thurber tell how it was coming of age in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s. A unique volume and Workwomans Press's first publication. Cover art by Jerry Butterfield. 202 pp. Limited edition of 50 copies December 2008.
ISBN 978-0-9820073-2-9. $20.00. Reprint planned for 2012..
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